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About Us

Our Story

We were inspired to create our multidisciplinary approach by the many medical universities that have established centers for integrative health care across the country. These centers have medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists all working together for superior patient outcomes. Ohio State, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Arizona, as well as Maryland and California have established these integrative care centers. Studies consistently show improved outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and greater cost effectiveness with this multidisciplinary approach.

A True Team Approach

As a team of health care professionals, we meet regularly to discuss your case and the ways we can best serve your clinical needs and goals. Our physical therapy department is enhanced by the onsite x-ray diagnostics and exacting biomechanical analysis. These results help create a custom rehab plan specific to your unique musculoskeletal condition. No “one size fits all exercises.” Often, physical therapy at Absaroka is coordinated simultaneously with a highly specific type of chiropractic care designed to counter strain and correct chronic postural deformities.


Our Patients Come First

Come find out why so many patients who have already tried chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage in the past are now experiencing pain-free living with this combined powerful approach. There will always be those times a simple adjustment or massage is all that is needed… at other times there will be more serious needs resulting from injury, surgery, or a car accident. We can provide the care that is right for you. It just makes sense: We’re better together!