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Meet Your Physical Therapists

Curtis Darrah, DPT

What do you love about your profession/work? I love helping people reach their full potential and seeing them realize, and even surpass, their wildest dreams.

What is your specialty/area of focus? I specialize in sports and orthopedic injuries and have directed the rehabilitation of numerous collegiate athletes while I worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the University of Mary Sports Medicine team during completion of my Physical Therapy Degree. I have had the opportunity to work with All-American football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and track and field athletes and helped them return to the top of their game after ACL, meniscus, rotator cuff, and back surgeries.

Where did you grow up? I grew up on a second generation farm and ranch located 10 miles north of Malta, Montana.   

Tell me about your education? I have received a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which were both completed at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. 

What are your hobbies/interests? I love being outside. Having been raised in Montana, I really enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. I am currently learning to fly fish and would gladly take any pointers anyone has to offer. If I am not out enjoying the wilderness, you will probably find me playing one sport or another. I love competing and will try my hand at any sport out there. Currently I spend most of my time playing golf, basketball, softball, or racquet ball, but football holds a sweet spot in my heart. It is the sport I played in college and to me there isn’t another sport quite like it. Unfortunately playing football is no longer an option so I am content to watch my teams and coach/referee from the sofa. Go Patriots!!

Anything else the world should know about you? I recently married the woman of my dreams, and I really hope she reads this so she can see how sweet I am.


Erika Lanzarini, DPT

What do you love about your profession/work? First and foremost, I love the patients that I work with and that I can teach them a natural way 
to heal themselves, without harmful pharmaceuticals, that actually works! There is nothing like believing in your profession and empowering people to take their health into their own hands, while having them see the results, diminish pain, and maximize their physical functioning through corrective exercise.

What is your specialty/area of focus? My specialty area would be outpatient orthopedics, such as neck/shoulder/back pain, and focusing on postural analysis and body mechanics to improve dysfunction in movement patterns and underlying misalignment that's attributing to the patients' pain problem. What is different about my training, and why I came to work at Absaroka Pain & Rehab, is our collective belief to not just treat the patients' pain through "feel good" modalities or ice and heat (providing a temporary bandaid), but find the underlying source for the pain, and teaching patients how to remedy that 
dysfunction for long term relief.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but always had a passion for the outdoors. Most of my vacations were to the mountains, and as soon as I graduated, I moved out west.

Tell me about your education? I performed my undergraduated studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health & Sport Studies. I went on to further my degree and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Washington University, the #1 ranked Physical Therapy program in the country.

What are your hobbies/interests? My interests are everything outdoors and enjoying nature with my pups and fiance. I love biking, hiking, camping, skiing, and much more.

Anything else the world should know about you? My biggest passion is helping others, so come see what I, and the team at Absaroka Pain & Rehab can do for you!