Meet the Doctors

<p>Dr. Martin W. Rodgers, B.S.D.C.</p>

Dr. Martin W. Rodgers, B.S.D.C.

Co-directing Absaroka Pain and Rehab (with Dr. Rosalyn Rodgers) is Dr. Martin Rodgers, who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology in 1986 from the University of Minnesota. He subsequently conducted kidney transplant research at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he had planned to continue his medical education. After suffering from severe back pain he was introduced to chiropractic which inspired him to alter his career path. Dr. Rodgers earned his doctorate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1994. He has presented research and spoken publicly at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and the Mayo Clinic. During his chiropractic training, Dr. Rodgers also participated in low back rehabilitation research at the Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Research. This research involved medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors. He examined the efficacy of physical therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. Dr. Rodgers research background, specialized training, and clinical experience over the last twenty years uniquely qualify him to provide expert non-invasive care in the treatment of many difficult conditions. He particularly enjoys helping individuals in the areas of longevity, corrective rehabilitation, and preventive nutrition. He resides and practices in Bozeman with his wife Dr. Rosalyn Rodgers and their three sons, Reed, Raleigh, and Willy.

Dr. Rosalyn A. Rodgers, D.C.

Dr. Rosalyn Rodgers completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada before earning her doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1994. She studied intensively with Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Carol Phillips, D.C., for two years at the Wolfe Harris Center for clinical research in Minneapolis, MN before relocating to the Gallatin Valley with her husband Dr. Marty Rodgers in 1995. Dr. Rosalyn takes pleasure in working with patients of all ages, from infants to the ‘young at heart’, and is a veteran of 20 years as a chiropractor. She enjoys helping children with ear infections, depressed immune function, birth trauma and the everyday spinal stress of learning to crawl, walk and recover from playground/sports falls and accidents. Additionally, Dr. Rosalyn is passionate about educating women in the area of self-care; specializing in optimal health through restoring balance to the neuromusculoskeletal system using a combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage. As an option to her patients, she also offers nutritional strategies for weight loss and maintenance, anti-aging, disease prevention, and maximizing energy. “I love to give moms options and to educate…it’s my passion!”

Absaroka Pain & Rehab

About Absaroka Pain & Rehab

By placing patients first, we ensure that they receive the true treatment they need.

Under the direction of Drs. Martin and Rosalyn Rodgers, we provide quality chiropractic treatment to help treat the neuromusculoskeletal system of our patients. Our treatment utilizes a unique approach integrating state of the art chiropractic techniques with licensed physical therapy and massage. This ensures that we are treating all aspects of the condition(s) being treated.

We treat a wide variety of injuries, chronic conditions and pre and post-surgical shoulders, knees etc. We also understand that the spine is the super-highway of the body, connecting everything in the body together. Thus, there are a variety of symptoms that can result from a spinal injury beyond physical pain. We also treat children and teenagers, along with adults. With our treatment, we help patients return to a life free of the pain that once hindered their daily activities. If you are interested in seeking treatment or wish to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today.

Meet Your Physical Therapists

Curtis Darrah, D.P.T.

Curtis Darrah, D.P.T.

What do you love about your profession/work? I love helping people reach their full potential and seeing them realize, and even surpass, their wildest dreams.
What is your specialty/area of focus? I specialize in sports and orthopedic injuries and have directed the rehabilitation of numerous collegiate athletes while I worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the University of Mary Sports Medicine team during completion of my Physical Therapy Degree. I have had the opportunity to work with All-American football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and track and field athletes and helped them return to the top of their game after ACL, meniscus, rotator cuff, and back surgeries.
Where did you grow up? I grew up on a second generation farm and ranch located 10 miles north of Malta, Montana.
Tell me about your education? I have received a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which were both completed at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota.
What are your hobbies/interests? I love being outside. Having been raised in Montana, I really enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. I am currently learning to fly fish and would gladly take any pointers anyone has to offer. If I am not out enjoying the wilderness, you will probably find me playing one sport or another. I love competing and will try my hand at any sport out there. Currently, I spend most of my time playing golf, basketball, softball, or racquetball, but football holds a sweet spot in my heart. It is the sport I played in college and to me there isn’t another sport quite like it. Unfortunately playing football is no longer an option so I am content to watch my teams and coach/referee from the sofa. Go Patriots!!
Anything else the world should know about you? I recently married the woman of my dreams, and I really hope she reads this so she can see how sweet I am.

Kelly Trace, P.T.A.

Kelly Trace, P.T.A.

Kelly specializes in outpatient, sports injury and chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and arthritis. She believes in treating individuals specific to their symptoms and personal needs based on their structural and functional findings.

Kelly has worked in numerous settings and is comfortable in treating a broad spectrum of disorders. Patient communication is one of her great assets and is key to her helping people understand and overcome physical limitations in their work, recreational activities and activities of daily living. If you have stalled out in your recovery or have a difficult condition, please come in and experience the kind, compassionate expertise that Kelly and the entire team at Absaroka Pain and Rehab offer.