Post Accident Physical Therapy: Get Help When the Accident is Over

Anyone who has been in a car accident should visit us for post-accident physical therapy. There are millions of car accidents every year and even ones that do not produce a lot of physical damage can cause health problems from injuries like whiplash. Unfortunately, many people do not receive the treatment and care they need after an accident to fully recover. This can lead to long-term damage, scar tissue, and future mobility restrictions. To prevent this, it is critical to visit our office for an examination, treatment and physical therapy. Doing so right away and continuing to receive treatment throughout the recovery process makes it less likely that the accident will cause any permanent damage.

Adrenaline can be deceiving

In an accident, the body is likely to release a sudden rush of adrenaline. This is a defense mechanism that can be important for survival. Unfortunately, it can also be incredibly deceiving. Adrenaline can make a person feel as though they are fine, strong and whole when they are actually injured. It can last for hours or even days. Knowing that, we recommend that no one entirely trust their body after an accident. Thinking that you are fine could likely be making a false conclusion. Instead, it is best to visit our office for an examination to determine what the physical impact of the accident has actually been and the best way to treat it.

Looks can be deceiving as well

Unfortunately, people are almost conditioned to believe that if they cannot visibly see signs of trauma, it does not exist. It makes sense to receive immediate treatment for a gushing wound or broken bone but things are happening beneath the surface of the skin can be equally traumatic if left untreated. This makes it important to receive post-accident physical therapy even when the injury itself is not visible.

A comprehensive treatment plan is important for recovery

Recovering from an accident is not easy. It takes time and dedication to continue visiting a physician for care and to keep all post-accident physical therapy appointments. We understand that this can pose a challenge for people who are incredibly busy. However, health is something that must be prioritized. Because it has the ability to directly impact a person's enjoyment of life and even with their physically capable of doing, not taking the time to recover from an accident is both dangerous and shortsighted.

Imagine not being able to walk as an elderly person compared to living out retirement years being able to take walks, travel and spend time with friends and family without any physical restrictions. Injuries that happen today that are not treated lead to mobility restrictions in the future. On the other hand, a comprehensive treatment plan can ensure that an accident today does not have a long-term impact.

Schedule an appointment

It is important to make time to visit our office for care. We encourage anyone who has been in an accident to schedule an appointment right away so that we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan after conducting a thorough examination.

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