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Why We’re Different

We are the only physical therapy rehab center in Bozeman that uses Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy under one roof, working together. We use a corrective style of physical therapy, and we don’t believe in simply diminishing your pain, but keeping it away for good. Our treatment is intended to take a patient in pain or with physical limitations and get them back to an ideal stage of movement and pain management.

We incorporate manual therapy as a large part of our treatment. This hands-on approach compliments traditional treatment by pinpointing and treating specific injuries. Manual therapy includes the use of soft tissue mobilization such as myofascial release, connective tissue release, and strain-counterstrain.

If you are searching for Physical Therapists in Bozeman, look no further! Physical Therapy, Massage and Chiropractic go hand in hand. We can get you on the fast track to healing and back to your old self much more quickly than if you were to just do Physical Therapy alone, without Chiropractic or Massage.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy: A non-invasive, natural approach to rehabilitation.

Physical therapy has traditionally been known as a form of treatment for painful conditions, a treatment that incorporates exercise with posture and body mechanics training. This is important to rehabilitate dangerous movement patterns that cause injuries. Often times, treatment is complimented by use of heating and cooling agents to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, respectively. The goal of physical therapy is to rehabilitate painful conditions by rebalancing posture into a neutral position while gaining range of motion.

When individuals are recovering from injury or disease, the physical therapist evaluates and directs the recovery process to relieve pain, promote strength training, and help regain function. Physical therapists also teach patients and their families what to do so that healing and recovery continues at home.

Physical therapists also promote wellness and injury prevention. They teach the importance of personal fitness and explain how to prevent injury at work or at play.

Physical therapy attempts to meet an individual’s health goals, whether a patient’s goal is walking without help or running a marathon. A physical therapist is an integral part of the health care team that makes these goals a reality.

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