What is Neurokinetic Therapy®?

Therapy That Works with The Brain

The brain is a powerful thing-especially when it comes to pain. Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT®) is an innovative manual therapy used to address compensation patterns in the body that can develop over time from posture, injury, trauma, habitual use or repetitive motion. Through manual muscle testing, we can assess and correct any dysfunctions in the coordination system of the brain. These neuromuscular impediments to proper movement are eliminated-resulting in the immediate correction of your imbalances and compensation patterns. NKT® works with the body's organizational intelligence to address pain at its source: the motor control center of your brain.

Treating Pain at the Source

Neurokinetic Therapy in Bozeman, MT

Most musculoskeletal pain is caused by imbalances in the brain as some muscles are over-stimulated and others are under-stimulated. Using manual muscle testing, we can optimize the neuromuscular patterns governing these movements in the brain's motor-control center. During therapy, some structures are released while others are activated through exercise and other neurologically engaging techniques. This process allows NKT® to yield faster and longer-lasting results than many other approaches to pain. When it comes to healing, this advanced therapy blends as a perfect adjunct to other treatments such as chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage.

Benefits of Neurokinetic Therapy®

Some of the benefits of NKT® include:

  • Uses muscle testing to locate the root source of the problem
  • Achieves faster, longer-lasting results than many methods
  • Eliminates enduring patterns of dysfunction from old injuries
  • Reduces the effects of repetitive stress injuries
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Quickly improves muscle coordination
  • Increases range of motion, energy, strength, and stamina
  • Work can be done with clothing on for maximum comfort
  • Is coupled with corrective exercises for maximal benefit

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of NKT, please contact us at (406) 587-8446.

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