What is Rolfing?

Rolfing refers to the practice of systematic soft tissue manipulation as a method for treating imbalances in the body. While the treatment does work with deep tissue, it is much different than a standard massage. General massages work to target one area of pain or discomfort to provide temporary symptom relief for the patient. Rolfing, however, works with the connective tissue to reorganize and education the connective tissue in the body and create long term health changes. As opposed to focusing on one particular area, Rolfing observes the how the body works together, treating the underlying causes of pain patterns. Learn more by calling Absaroka Pain & Rehab in Bozeman, Montana at (406) 587-8446.

How Does Rolfing Differ From Standard Massage?

Often, musculoskeletal issues are the result of a larger issue, such as imbalances, repetitive use injuries, or specific traumas. Instead of narrowing our focus to the effect, we work with the entire body through a series of treatments to find and correct the cause. As we work to improve alignment and overall balance throughout the body's structure, the patient can expect to see old chronic patterns dissolve, pain alleviate, and stress or stiffness decrease.

Find Rolfing in Bozeman, Montana

Often used in conjunction with other therapies, Rolfing is a great addition the physical therapy and chiropractic care. If you are dealing with postural issues, imbalances or over-rotations, chronic pain or injury, we highly recommend giving us a call to find out how Rolfing might benefit your healing.

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