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We offer chiropractic treatment to help patients lead a healthy life free of debilitating pain. It can be easy to assume that back pain is only temporary and will go away with some over-the-counter pain medication and rest. The reality is that many forms of back pain will only get worse without professional chiropractic treatment.

Since over-the-counter medication only masks the symptoms, the patient does not treat the issue at its source and only receives temporary relief. Thus, we offer each patient a customized rehabilitation plan for the individual’s condition. We understand how difficult it can be to live with the pain each day and therefore, offer treatment to permanently alleviate the pain.

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Our Team

The team at Absaroka Pain & Rehab takes the time to listen to each patient before customizing a treatment plan that will meet their needs. We strive to help patients not only recover from their condition but also resume living a healthy lifestyle free of the pain that brings them to our practice. Our team meets on a regular basis to go over each patient’s case and determine the most effective course of action. Under the direction of Dr. Martin W. Rodgers, B.S., D.C., we put patients first. We will develop a treatment plan that focuses on the patient’s recovery through a combination of medical technology and physical therapy.

Our Services

Our services include a range of physical therapy techniques and chiropractic treatment. The most important step is to ensure that each patient receives a personalized treatment designed to fit their needs. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for patients. Thus, we strive to create a treatment plan that heals the individual’s musculoskeletal condition. Some of our services include sports rehab, pinched nerve treatment, custom orthotics, back pain treatment, scoliosis treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash treatment, spinal decompression, kinesio taping and more. We will map out the physical therapy treatment to work alongside the patient’s chiropractic treatment in order to cover all bases. By scheduling an initial consultation, we can begin the process to building the specific treatment to meet your needs.

Client Information

The first step for the patient is to contact us and schedule an appointment. We will need the patient to fill out the “New Patient Information Form” at home, before the appointment. This form will cover the patient’s medical history, current condition, any allergies, insurance and any other relevant information to the patient’s condition. To help us truly understand the patient’s condition, we will take X-rays of the patient. Following the examination, we will determine the patient’s condition and the most effective treatment plan. At our practice, we put patients first. Thus, we will answer any questions and address all concerns the patient has.