Sports Rehab Bozeman, MT

For an athlete, a sports injury can mean a major setback or even the end of a career. Even for individuals who are not athletes, a sports injury can hinder movement and one's ability to function daily due to the pain. While pain medication can help to numb the pain, it will only mask the symptoms and never actually treat the patient. Thus, it is crucial to seek sports injury treatment that covers all necessary areas of the patient's damaged musculoskeletal system.

More than just medication

While medication can help with sports rehab treatment in relieving pain, it will not treat the injury alone. In fact, the more effective treatment is commonly a mixture of physical therapy and some medication. People who only rely on pain medication for treatment over long periods of time will find that they need more of the pain medication for the desired effect. Eventually the drug will no longer work on the patient.

Thus, we believe in utilizing physical therapy and other chiropractic treatments to help rehabilitate the patient for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the treatment options we may use are:

  • Spinal decompression
  • Physical therapy
  • Treating muscle imbalance
  • Pinched nerve treatment
  • Chronic back pain treatment
  • Treating pain/sprains in ankle, knee or shoulder, etc.
These are only a few of the possible treatments that we offer. The actual treatment for the patient may involve one or multiple treatment techniques depending entirely on the patient's condition and injury. Contrary to popular belief, the patient will not spend the entire recovery period in bed to avoid exacerbating the injury. Actually, many athletes will slowly begin incorporating exercise as part of the treatment plan.

Customizing treatment

Customizing treatment

Rehabilitation from a sports injury requires understanding of the musculoskeletal system and medical expertise. Many athletes struggle from pain that is not always from an obvious injury. An example is when an athlete struggles with imbalance in the muscle. A muscle imbalance results from repetitive actions, such as throwing a football or sprinting during a track meet. Athletes go through training to make the exact same movements on a regular basis.

However, the repetitive action can overwork these muscles can cause them to become too tight. In other cases, the muscles can develop much more than other muscles to fuel the imbalance. The imbalance in muscles can greatly increase the risk for an injury. Since there are a plethora of ways in which an individual can injure their body during a sport, we need to customize the treatment per their specific needs.

During the initial examination, we will determine the exact cause of pain and the type of injury by utilizing medical expertise and technology. Through this careful examination, we will begin to develop the treatment plan. The chiropractic treatment we use may involve stretching tight muscles while strengthening weak muscles and applying this alongside overall body conditioning. By following this treatment plan, the patient will recover quickly and reduce the risk for re-injury in the future.

Working together

While we can provide the treatment, the recovery process will be dependent on the patient's level of cooperation and active effort in recovery. Many people assume surgery is the only option, but the reality is that surgery is only recommended in extreme circumstances and may require a longer recovery time than non-surgical treatment.

With chiropractic treatment and sports rehab, patients will be able to experience a recovery and more efficient performance than before. However, the patient needs to participate with our treatment plan. If the plan involves specific exercises during therapy sessions or at home, the patient needs to follow through on the treatment. By working with us, the patient will be able to recover and return to the sport that he or she loves.

At Absaroka Pain & Rehab, we put patients first. When we schedule an initial consultation, we will take the time to truly understand the needs of the patient. We will answer any questions and address all of the patient's concerns before beginning treatment. In many cases, we help athletes improve their performance before they sustain a serious injury and help them to continue the sport they love.

We will work with a team of medical professionals to cover every aspect of a patient's case and overall health. Once we have a clear understanding of the treatment, we will begin working with the patient. If there are any new developments during the process that may hinder treatment, we will meet with the same team to figure out the most effective way to move forward. If you or a loved one is in need of sports rehab treatment, give us a call at 406-587-8446.

If you would like to learn more about sports rehab and the various treatments we provide, call 406-587-8446 to schedule a consultation.

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