Chiropractor for Kids Bozeman, MT

Children can believe they are invincible, running around outside, taking risks, roughhousing or even playing a sport. However, children have the same amount of risk for injury as adults do. In some cases, the injury is a cut or a broken bone that have a more obvious treatment such as wearing a Band-Aid or a cast. When it comes to muscle or spine injuries, there may not be as obvious of an option for an injury that one cannot immediately see.

As a chiropractor for kids, we can do more than just treat an injury. At Absaroka Pain and Rehab, we utilize gentle, non-invasive chiropractic treatments that do not use medications unless absolutely necessary. While parents may not be sure if chiropractic treatment is necessary for a child's wellbeing, there are multiple benefits to seeking non-invasive treatment.

Benefits of visiting a chiropractor for kids

There are multiple benefits to visiting a chiropractor for kids, including:

  • Helping healthy brain and nerve development
  • Relieving stress that hinders behavioral growth
  • Helping treat breathing difficulties
  • Treating an injury and providing a strong recovery
  • Helping to treat scoliosis
  • Boosting a child's immune system
  • Treating digestive issues
We address the condition of the child's nervous and musculoskeletal system to help the child continue to grow up without issue. The spine is the super highway of the body and connects everything together. If the spine sustains any damage, there is a great chance that the child will have health issues growing up. Fortunately, our chiropractic treatment can help the child recover and also continue to grow up healthy and without other hindering health issues.

There are multiple ways for spinal or nervous system issues to develop from birth, accidents during sports games or even injuries. We develop our chiropractic care to treat these issues, while keeping the fact that the child's body can only take so much, in mind. Our treatment will correct the spinal alignment without the use of prescription drugs or surgery. If a child is at a point that he or she needs surgery, then the child's condition must truly be extreme.

People may not realize that an injury can affect the muscle tissue and nerves, making simple movements much more painful for the child. Our treatment can help to free the joints, restore motion and relieve pressure on the nerves that can be the source of the pain.

Difficulties in communicating with the child

One reason that parents may not seek chiropractic treatment for their child is due to the fact that the child does not know how to properly describe the pain. While most toddlers can at least say when something hurts, they may not know the cause. Pain in one part of the body can be a symptom of something worse, since the spine connects the entire body.

Thus, seeking chiropractic treatment from us can help a child since we understand how to work with children. We understand how to examine a child and interpret what they are struggling with. We have the medical expertise and technology to determine the cause of their pain. Parents will also be able to provide insight into the child's activities, daily life and any incident that may have caused the injury.

We provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for the child to receive treatment. We understand that no matter the age, visiting a new place can be scary or intimidating for a child. Thus, our team uses patience and eases the child into the treatment.

Professional chiropractic care for children

There are steps that parents can take to help the child become more comfortable with the treatment. If the child is at least 4-years-old or older, then the parents can sit down with the child and explain why he or she needs to visit a new doctor. Avoid using the word pain, even though the treatment is healing the pain. We can go over more methods over the phone, when scheduling a consultation. During the initial consultation, we will have parents fill out a form that goes over the child's medical history, current condition, allergies and any other information we need to know.

During the consultation, we will examine the child and determine if our treatment can benefit the child's overall health. Once we determine the cause of the pain, we will begin to develop the treatment. We understand how nerve-wracking this process can be and will answer any questions. We put patients first during treatment and keep parents in the know with everything going on with their child. If you believe that your child can benefit from chiropractic care, give us a call at 406-587-8446.

If you would like to learn more about chiropractor for kids and the various treatments we provide, call 406-587-8446 to schedule a consultation.

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