What to Expect During a Treatment Session for Auto Injury Chiropractic Care

Posted on: November 15, 2019

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In the event of an auto injury, chiropractic care might be necessary for healing and relief. In some cases, whiplash caused by a car crash can create muscle or joint strain. Although the body will attempt to heal itself, you might still need help from a professional to adjust and relieve the tension in the muscles. If you have booked an appointment with the chiropractor, then you probably want to learn about what to expect during the treatment session.

What happens during the treatment session?

The following are the processes that occur during a treatment for auto injury:

History and symptoms

During the initial consultation, the chiropractor will want to know about the patient’s medical history and symptoms to determine how to proceed with treatment. The patient will need to recant the events of the car accident so that the chiropractor will know the specific movements or impact that is responsible for the symptoms. In most cases, the patient will need to answer questions about their health history and if they have ever noticed similar symptoms before the car accident and if so, the frequency.

Examination and evaluation

Afterwards, the chiropractor will perform a chiropractic examination and evaluation. This usually entails checking the muscles and joints and their reactions to different actions and movements. The examination will test muscle tone and strength, range of motion and neurological activity. The medical professional will also check the patient’s respiration, pulse and blood pressure since they are all indicators of a chiropractic problem. In some complicated or uncertain cases, the chiropractor may decide to perform a diagnostic test to ascertain irregularities in the muscle’s structure. The tests might include x-rays, MRIs or other standard laboratory tests.

Diagnosis and Treatment

After performing necessary testing and treatment, the chiropractor will provide the patient with a detailed diagnosis of what the medical condition is. Also, they will recommend a treatment plan, which may require the patient to come in once every week or two for massage. Patients may also need to undergo a more intensive treatment course that includes muscle therapy and adjustments. Treatment may incorporate electrical stimulation, stretching and strengthening exercise and suggestions on proper posture, nutrition, ergonomics since they may contribute to muscular disorders.

The essence of treatment

When you are involved in an auto accident, even a minor injury can worsen into a serious one if you fail to seek treatment early promptly. Multiple accident injuries can leave the patient with weakened muscles that can make them more vulnerable to more injuries. Therefore, victims need to seek chiropractic care soon after an auto injury.

When you visit the chiropractor for treatment, the spinal adjustments and rehabilitative exercises with help to enhance the range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the spine. If there are no visible signs of injury, seeking chiropractic care can help to avert lasting chronic pain. The chiropractor will also discover any hidden issue and treat them before they worsen. The basic rule is to seek treatment only from a licensed and professional chiropractor for effective treatment.

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