Knee Rehab Program

Have you had a previous ACl injury?

Have you had a previous ACl injury?

Do you have knee pain when you run or jump?

Are you currently an athlete participating in sports or recreational activities? If this is pertinent to you we have an exciting new opportunity. Riley just became certified in an ACL prevention program that is backed by evidence to significantly decrease the chance of ACL injuries and other pathologies.

Who this would benefit:

High school athletes, college athletes, runners, skiers/snowboarders, any individual participating in recreational sports or activities, previous patellar tendonitis or previous ACL injury or reconstruction.

Who this would not benefit:

anyone with arthritis or osteoarthritis of the knee, any knee pathologies that are causing pain or otherwise diagnosed by an MD. This program is meant to bulletproof your knees and limit serious injury. If you are having knee issues it may be best to consult with our physical therapist before enrolling in this program.

Why this program?

Extensive research has come out about ACL injuries over the years. 2 out of 3 ACL injuries are happening from non-contact and women are 2-10x more likely to suffer from a noncontact ACL injury compared to men. The chance of reinjury after an ACL tear or injury also significantly increases without proper rehab or training. However, this program has been proven to work for anyone and can add tools to your routine and training that will keep your knees strong and resilient.

Contact us for more information and to learn more about our new programs and rehab expertise for ACL and knee injury prevention.