While surgery is a monumental step in the healing process, it's only the beginning. What you do for your body post-operation is imperative to a full recovery. Allowing your tissue proper healing time while actively increasing functionality will help you return to activities of daily living as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Approach to Post-Op Therapy

We take a highly technical, methodical approach to treating patients during their post-op recovery. Our therapists begin by focusing on returning your range of motion, then move into muscle activation, followed by strengthening, increased velocity, and finally a return to high level function. Our goal is not just to get you feeling better but to get you back to the same level of output you were at before your operation-playing your favorite sport, running, engaging with your family, etc.
Treatment at the beginning of your physical therapy regimen will be more frequent and slowly taper off as your progress. We believe in educating our patients and empowering them to be an active part of their own recovery. This means that after being in treatment for some time, you will be able to carry out a home exercise program on your own. For best results, patients need to be an active participating factor for optimal success.
Whether you're dealing with a rotator cuff repair, spinal disc or back surgery, knee, neck, hip, or shoulder replacement, ACL or MCL repair and more, we're ready to help.

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