The Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

Chiropractic spinal adjustment, otherwise referred to as chiropractic manipulation, is a technique that chiropractors use to treat issues with the vertebrae. Many cases of back pain do not improve through medication and physical therapy, and for many, this technique is incredibly beneficial.

Spinal adjustment advantages

By understanding the benefits of chiropractic spinal adjustment, you can better determine if the procedure is appropriate for your needs. Whether you suffer from vertebrae subluxation or just want to improve the way you feel and function daily, a spinal adjustment may be a beneficial form of treatment and certainly one worth considering.

Pain relief

Perhaps the main reason chiropractors recommend spinal adjustment to patients is to treat lower back pain. Many cases of lower back pain can be hard to treat and traditional medicine, such as taking oral medications, are not always successful. However, many find pain relief through spinal manipulation, which can reduce nerve irritability, increase range of motion and make the pain diminish as a result.

Spinal adjustment is a safe procedure that is often painless, so it is not likely to cause any additional discomfort in the short term. The pain relief many patients receive through treatment allows them to get back to doing the things they love without fear of a sore, painful back.

Improved function

Not only does chiropractic spinal manipulation help reduce the amount of pain one experiences, but it also works to improve the function of the joints and increase overall range of motion. In many instances, when subluxation occurs, it causes the muscles to become tight and joints to not be as mobile, which can make doing simple tasks such as lifting a box much more difficult. One of the main purposes of spinal manipulation is to fix vertebrae subluxation and improve the alignment of the spine. In doing so, the function of the back can improve and life can become much easier.

Injury recovery

Another major benefit of spinal adjustment is that it allows for a faster recovery process following an injury. The procedure is believed to improve blood circulation, provide relief to muscles and joints and reduce the irritability of nerves, all of which play a role in recovering from injury. Whether the person is an athlete who suffered a back injury and or someone who was injured in a car accident, a spinal adjustment may make the recovery process much easier.

Talk to a chiropractor today

If you are interested in spinal adjustment and want to learn more about the procedure or find out if it is appropriate for you, consult with us today and schedule a time to come in. During your first visit, we can examine your symptoms, determine the best course of action and start the process to a quick recovery. No one should have to suffer from chronic pain or an inability to function normally, and we make it our goal to help each one of our patients achieve better health.

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